To the next bastard who will break my heart,

I'm not as weak as the other girls you fooled. I'm not really patient, so stop fooling around. I'm not looking for a long term relationship, but I always look forward to Mr. Right (if he still exists). I won't believe in your promises, just do whatever's in your mind, I don't care.
I won't like it if you would ask me to or not to do stuff I like to do (my dad doesn't do that, so neither should you). I hate being bossed around. REMEMBER: I won't do it if I don't like it. I'm stubborn, okay? I'm not a chic, so don't give me stuffed bears and flowers. A car would do, no I was just kidding. Surprise me. And when you do, make sure I'd be pleased. Don't worry, I'm not choosy, just make sure it's nothing cheesy (I'm not a rat, so I won't like it).
I'm not special, but I'm important. Maybe not to you, but to somebody else. I'm not a sex maniac, so don't make me horny on public places, it's gross. I'm not into PDA anymore. Be happy with my hands when we walk, but don't complain because it's not as soft as your ex's. I don't shave my legs and it's not really pretty. Don't say anything about it because I can dump you as soon as possible. I don't like it also when you stare at my boobs like it's a bone and you're a dog. I don't always wear a Tshirt, so be casual about it when you see a little skin. I'm gonna wear whatever I want even if you don't like it.
I'm not possessive and neither am I stupid. I can sense it when you cheat. I don't really like to make a fuss about non-sense stuff, I don't like dramas. So stop whining. I won't like it too, when a girl would slap me and tell me she's your girlfriend. Go to hell with her, I won't care.
I won't like everything about you. I'm gonna tell you whether you look ugly today, or you look nice. I don't expect you to tell me how pretty, beautiful, or hot I look, just as long as you don't compare me to anyone especially to your slutty ex. I might just kick your ass when you do, you might even loose a girlfriend in just a blink of an eye.
I won't demand for your time. Just show me your face once a week, or twice a month. I don't have a good memory, I might forget that I have a boyfriend. I get bored easily, do something different. I won't go to a hotel no matter how nice it is. Take me to places I haven't been to. Give me food I haven't tasted yet, but I won't eat your shit. Give me shirts you think I might like. Just don't expect me to give something back. But if you won't, I won't mind. (I'd like it if you would give me a new parker pen with my name on it)
I won't expect much from you. You know your responsibilities as my future boyfriend, do it while you can. If you'd like to break my heart, don't be surprised if you'll go home with a broken leg. If you want some space, all you have to do is ask. If don't like me anymore, all you have to do is tell me. I will accept whatever decision you have.

With lot's of love,

PS: Wait until I graduate. My parents are real strict.

Thanks for dropping by :D


  1. Nice tips. LOL. this is soooo YOU B'. ;)

  2. HAHA that's just the way it is :P