The Break Up

*Le Boy breaking up with Le girl*
B: I think we should break up. We're not growing up, you know. 
G: What do you mean? We're fine!
B: Look. I'm sorry. My grades are dropping. I cannot concentrate with you around. I mean, we always go out when I should be studying. When my parents found out, they wouldn't like you.
G: Do we really have to do this?
B: It's for us. I love you. I hope you'd understand :(
G: I love you too. I don't think there's a reason for us to break up!
B: You don't really understand, do you?
G: No! Because, there's nothing to think about. We love each other, we should be together!
B: In time baby, I promise I'll be back.

*Two days after the break up*
G: I miss you :(
B: I miss you too. I'm so sorry

*Two weeks after the break up*
B: So, how's it going with you?
G: SO not okay! :(
B: We should get used to this, sweetie. We can't move on if we're still talking. We should wait for the right time.
G: :(

*One month later*
G: I miss you.
B: I think we should forget each other. If we're meant to be, destiny will find a way.
G: I'm sorry.

*Two months later*
G: Hey...
G: How are you?

*Four months later*
G: I still love you :( I'll wait.

*Six months*
Le boy is in a relationship with Some slutty bitch
G: Oh god! *cries for week, doesn't eat, dies a week later*

Haaaa! This is shit. I should do some more :P
LESSON: Don't believe in stupid promises. They're bullshit

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