A letter to those girls who hated me the most

My face is neither pretty, nor ugly.
My legs aren't shaved the way you'd like to see it.
My tummy isn't flat and firm,
just like the one a model wore.

I have a dirty mouth and rusty voice,
and ear-bleeding grammar
like those of a filthy whore.
I don't know how to pick the right words,
like a poet dreaming in the shore.

I am loveless and penniless.
I don't have a boyfriend to kiss my neck.
I don't lick stranger's eggs
but at least, I have something tight between my legs

I am neither a writer, nor a poet,
just a simple lady, trying to comment
About your judgement, what do you expect?
I am not perfect, and so are you.
So why say something that's not true?

Original shitty poem by me (03-01-2012)

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