PMS (Pathetic Mental Syndrome)

A girl's lame excuse to be insecure, make a fuss about it, and get everyone's sympathy.

Now, srsly, people. I don't get it. Why piss yourself when you can just puke rainbows even during your  period? Why make a big shit our of farts when you can just get away with it. This would be a very short post about the stupid PMS thing I don't think I ever had. I'm always pissed, but I don't blame it on some stupid syndrome like any other girls do. Even I'm not on my first day, if you know what I mean, I'm always pissed. I bully everyone like a normal day and get away with it.

I don't act stupid, frown my ass off, and blame it on that blood on my pads (which is totally gross, I hate blood). Look, the world won't adjust to your comfort zone just because you have your period. What are you? Like a god? Higher than Morgan Freeman? No! So why don't you just stop pissing yourself and blaming everybody because you have your period.

If you can't stop yourself from this stupid thing, go to Antarctica so you won't feel hot and sticky, or at least I won't see pissed on your period.

PS: I don't know when mine is coming but I don't really care because I don't have sex :P

Spread the love not your bloody legs.
xoxo B

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