You're a girl,
your daddy should buy you dolls.
Boys shouldn't be picking up on you.

You're a girl,
you mother should be dressing you.
Other girls shouldn't be trippin' on you.

You're a girl,
you should be playing with other kids.
You shouldn't be crying over broken dolls.

You're a lady,
guys should buy you flowers.
Jerks should't be playing with your heart.

You're a lady,
your friends should go shopping with you.
Bitches shouldn't be stepping on you.

You're a lady,
you should be confident about yourself.
You shouldn't be cursing.

You're a woman,
men should be asking you out on a date.
A-holes shouldn't be nailing you.

You're a woman,
your friends should be laughing with you.
Plastics shouldn't be talking about you.

You're a woman,
you're beautiful and smart.
You shouldn't be over thinking about everything.

Chin up, and don't think about other people.
Live your life like a queen
Live your dream.

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