It was our own.
I am yours and you are mine.
Together we explore the depths
of each other’s soul.
Darling, we’ll explore the world.
Against the odds we fight
This love should never die.
Honey, hold my hand.
Under my wings, we’ll fly
Exploring the night sky.
Let the darkness blind us
And let our hearts guide us.
No matter how strange,
it doesn’t matter how the world fights us.
Hold me, darling,
Never let me go.
We’ll walk together.
To the ruins, there we’ll go.
Throw your shoes
and let it take our fears.
Together, my love,
We’ll walk through it.
The cruelty of the world
is non sense
to the strength of this love.
Take me,
walk with me
Through the never ending
horizon of surprises.
Let the world scare us
for this love knows no fear.