Wanderlust And How Social Media Killed The English Language

Have you ever wonder how social media has affected every person's life? I do. From posts to photos, likes to comments, etcetera, etcetera. People have been very vulgar, very open to public when it comes to their private lives. I, too, have been a victim of social media. (Duh? I'm writing this blog, remember?) Well, what exactly am I writing about, anyway?

Summer has just ended and everybody posts different summer escapades and trips. You've been to various places all of your life. Then all of a sudden, you're a WANDERLUST.

Why do people call themselves wanderlust? How exactly can we consider ourselves a wanderlust? I've asked myself too.

According to google, wanderlust is a noun meaning a strong desire to travel. But why do people use it as an adjective to describe themselves? Or is it just my mediciore grammar-concious-self? Honestly, don't describe yourself as a wanderlust.

I have been wanting to travel all my life. If only I have enough money, and if my parents would allow me. (I know... I'm a 20 year old working, young adult who can financially support myself) But really, all my life, that's what I would like to do, way before the travel blogs had hit the mainstream, or at least before I found out about them. Since I was a broke kid whose parents doesn't allow her to go outside beyond 7pm, I would just satisfy myself from long walks in nearby places like those hidden, grassy hills at the back of you neighborhood or someone else's neighborhood, those long walks in the province where dogs will be chasing you as you sprint your ass out of the place. Those were the "travel" that I've had. I never experienced out of town trips with my family, friends, dogs, strangers. I wasn't even allowed to join educational tours when it's not compulsory. I know, my life's is so boring. But, I've somehow managed to escape sometimes and do trips on my own. I've never experienced beach with friends during highschool, or even college.

I had my first beach trip when I turned 20 with my colleagues.then followed by 2 more. I never got a chance to ask my mom to join an out of town trip with my best friends. It was, really, just recently. Sometimes I would even feel envious of my facebook friends when I see their photos at the beach, somewhere far from the city. But, I never pity myself because I know, someday, when I get a little bit older, I would explore the world.

Just a few days back, I came across this instagram of a facebook friend of mine. I noticed on her bio that she has proclaimed herself as a wanderlust. It stuck on my mind, not because she used it the wrong way (like saying "I'm a pretty" is correct), but also, all of her trips are funded by his parents. I admit, I envy him. Not because his parents are rich, but they also allow their kids to explore the world! Who doesn't want that? I definitely do. But! But! Is he really a traveller? Or just a rich kid who can have whatever he wants? Is he really a wanderer? Or just someone who wants to go shopping to different places? And takes photos of beautiful tourist spots. Filtering every photo so it becomes instagrammable.

I'm not chewing-nails while making myself bitter by how these people can do whatever they want. I really am annoyed how people consider themselves this and that when they clearly aren't that type of person. If you're a geek and you came across a person who can only play a game or two then consider themselves geek, how the hell does it feel? If I am one, I would blow that person's face. Or if you're a make-up artist and you saw on facebook a girl who can only apply a generous amount of foundation and can create a crappy winged eyeliner and calls herself a MUA (make up artist), it feels...(as the usual 20 somethings would call) I can't even.

It's not only how people label themselves, but how would other people would think that label really means. I will not be surprised if the now-teenagers would consider bunch of photos from the beach on their skimpy bikinis being wanderlust. I wonder how would it feel when I slapped a Webster dictionary to their faces.

Oh well, as my old saying goes: OPEN YOUR MIND NOT YOUR LEGS.

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